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Bleach Lethal (left) Paint Stripper (right)

A history of indie rock icons:

Aids Babies Hailing from their high school's audio-visual club in Havertown, Pennsylvania, Aids Babies climbed to the top of the the indie rock scene in 1989 with their debut album, I Know How to Mix MY Drinks! The band's latest album, I knew we shouldn't of called it a comeback., merges Paint Stripper's edgy vocals along with art-house hooks, and jangling instrumentation to assemble some seriously inspired rave-ups. Along with writing partner and Bassist, Bleach Lethal the Aids Babies helped form the genre of Post Punk industrial pre-indie punk rock. With an eye on the future Bleach and Paint set out to change the world of music. With standout tracks like "Geraldo's Focus," The Aids Babies figured to be the locomotive that drove Post Industrial Pre-Indie Funk Metal Punk. Unfortunately that train derailed in late 1989. With 22 albums recorded in 1989 alone.

the strain of non-stop recording no sleep, and being forced to get jobs. The Aids Babies drifted off into oblivion. Some say on quiet nights you can still here Paint Stripper screaming "WHERE THE FUCK ARE MY CAR KEYS!" "Christ I AM TOO FOOOOKING DRUNK TO drive." Bleach Leathal was last heard to be a Rabbi for a small cult in Iowa. Both Paint Stripper and Bleach Lethal are thought to have moved out of their Mothers basements. There have been reports of several copies of I know how to mix MY drinks propping open doors in the Library of Congress. look for Aids Babies to be a major influence in the indie rock landscape for years to come.

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