Before I Forget
Vol. 3 (The Subliminal Verses)
Vol. 3: (The Subliminal Verses)
Supervision Recommended
Released 2004
Genre Metal
Language English
Length 4:25
Source Rock Band 3
Available October 26, 2010
Playable in
Rock Band 3
Band 5FcircleFcircleFcircleFcircleFcircle
Basic Pro
Guitar redReddevilReddevilReddevilReddevilReddevil 4FcircleFcircleFcircleFcircleUFCirlce
Bass 5FcircleFcircleFcircleFcircleFcircle redReddevilReddevilReddevilReddevilReddevil
Drums 5FcircleFcircleFcircleFcircleFcircle 5FcircleFcircleFcircleFcircleFcircle
Keys 0UFCirlceUFCirlceUFCirlceUFCirlceUFCirlce 0UFCirlceUFCirlceUFCirlceUFCirlceUFCirlce
Vocals 0UFCirlceUFCirlceUFCirlceUFCirlceUFCirlce 0UFCirlceUFCirlceUFCirlceUFCirlceUFCirlce
Male singer
2-part Harmonies

"Before I Forget" is a song by Slipknot which the guitar riffs for this song are based on an early song called "Carve" that featured on Slipknot's unreleased album Crowz. (thanks, jackson - Nottingham, England)

Corey Taylor's lyrics are open to interpretation, which is how he likes it. This song deals with evolution and the nature of man.

In 2006, this won a Grammy Award for Best Metal Performance. This was Slipknot's first Grammy - they were nominated for the award 6 years in a row before finally winning.

The beeping at the end of the song is Morse code, which spells out the word "Slipknot."

Slipknot rarely appears without their masks, but they do in this video, although only tight shots of their faces are seen.


Rock Band 3 - Before I Forget by Slipknot - Full Band Expert - 720p HD04:48

Rock Band 3 - Before I Forget by Slipknot - Full Band Expert - 720p HD

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