Heel-toe technique

Heel-toe bass drum technique is very useful on 'I.V.' by X Japan.

In Rock Band advanced techniques, Heel-toe is a drumming technique used to execute two bass drum notes in rapid succession. This is often necessary on many of the more difficult songs, such as "Jerry Was a Race Car Driver" by Primus, "Painkiller" by Judas Priest, and "Panic Attack" by Dream Theater.

How to heel-toeEdit

Heel-toe is essentially what it sounds like - rather than a regular foot pedal press, the drummer should move his foot rapidly in a way that the heel presses and releases the pedal in time for the toe to come down and hit the pedal again almost immediately. It takes a considerable amount of practice to learn and master, however it is a technique that is extremely useful for advanced drummers - especially in some drum fills in metal music which involve alternations between a drum and the foot

thumb|left|300px|A video demonstration of the Heel-toe technique. pedals (as displayed in the above picture).

Double pedal in Rock BandEdit

With the addition of the 'Expert +' setting to drums on late Guitar Hero games, there has been raised a controversy among Rock Band fans whether a double foot pedal should be considered a 'legal' method of attaining high scores. It has mostly passed, however, since the release of and official Rock Band pedal splitter, which allows for a second pedal to be installed under any circumstance. This is necessary for extremely difficult songs such as "What a Horrible Night to Have a Curse" by Black Dahlia Murder. Also, with the release of Rock Band 3, the second pedal jack which is available with most stock drum sets now functions as either a potential second pedal jack, or a hi-hat pedal jack (for fills and freestyle mode). With a double pedal setup, heel-toe method is not necessary for the more challenging songs - however it may take an amount of practice to master a second bass pedal.

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