System of a Down is a Metal band from California.They recently got back together after a long Hiatus. All the members are either from the Middle East, or are from Armenian descent. They write songs about American polotics, the Armenian genocides, the war on terror and wars in Iraq, Afghanistan, and others.


"System of a Down" (1998)

"Toxicity" (2001)

"Steal This Album!" (2002)

"Mezmerize" (2005)

"Hypnotize" (2005)

Current band membersEdit

Daron Malkian:Guitars,Vocals

Serj Tankian:Vocals,Keyboards

Shavo Odajian:Bass

John Dolmayan:Drums

System of a Down songs in rhythm gamesEdit

B.Y.O.B. (Bring your own Bombs)- Guitar Hero World Tour, Rock Band DLC, Rock Band 3 DLC

Toxicity- Guitar Hero: Metallica, Rock Band DLC, Rock Band 3 DLC

Aerials- Rock Band 3 DLC

Spiders- Rock Band 4

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